night on earth quotes,Night on Earth (1991)

1 night on earth quotes

night on earth quotes,Night on Earth (1991)

Director: Jim Jarmusch,Stars: Winona Ryder, Gena Rowlands, Lisanne Falk


Paris Driver: Don't blind people usually wear dark glasses?
Blind Woman: Do they? I've never seen a blind person.


Mika: You called a taxi?
Man #1: No, we called a garbage truck. But you'll have to do the job.


Yoyo: Ha ha ha ha ha. That's a fucked up name to be namin' your kid! Helmet! See, 'cause in English, a helmet would be like, you know, like something you would wear on your head, you know? You a… a helmet! Ha ha ha! In English, that would be like callin' your kid, uh, "Lampshade" or some shit like that: 'Hey, Lampshade! Come here and clean up your room!' Ha ha ha ha ha!


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