Hercules quotes,Hercules (I) (2014)

Hercules quotes,Hercules (I) (2014)

Director: Brett Ratner,Stars: Dwayne Johnson, John Hurt, Ian McShane

Hercules quotes

[from trailer]
Amphiaraus: No matter how far you go, man cannot escape his fate. Who are you? Are you a murderer? Are you a mercenary who turns his back on the innocent? We believe in you! We have faith in you! Remember the deeds you have performed, the labors you have overcome! Are you only the legend, or are you truth behind the legend? Now, tell me, WHO ARE YOU?
Hercules: I AM HERCULES!


[from trailer]
Atalanta: We will fight for you, and we will die for you!


Hercules: You want forgiveness? Ask my family for forgiveness.


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