Happy Gilmore quotes

Happy Gilmore quotes

Director: Dennis Dugan
Stars: Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald, Julie Bowen

You can trouble me for a warm glass of shut the hell up.

1 Happy Gilmore quotes

That's your home! Are you too good for your home? Answer me!

2 Happy Gilmore quotes

The price is wrong, bitch.

3 Happy Gilmore quotes

It's all in the hips.

4 Happy Gilmore quotes

Shooter McGavin: You're in big trouble though, pal. I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast!
Happy Gilmore: [laughing] You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?
Shooter McGavin: [long pause] No!

5 Happy Gilmore quotes

You gonna die clown!!

6 Happy Gilmore quotes

Gary Potter: Oh yeah. Lotta pressure. You gotta rise above it. You gotta harness in the good energy, block out the bad. Harness. Energy. Block. Bad. Feel the flow Happy. Feel it. It's circular. It's like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse, it goes up and down, and AROUND. It's circular. Circle, with the music, the flow. All good things.
Happy Gilmore: Psycho.

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