Famous movie Gangs of New York quotes

Famous movie Gangs of New York quotes,Gangs of New York (2002)

Director: Martin Scorsese,Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Daniel Day-Lewis 


I don't give a tupenny fuck about your moral conundrum,you meat-headed shitsack.

Gangs of New York quotes

When you kill a king, you don't stab him in the dark. You kill him where the entire court can watch him die.

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You see this knife? I'm gonna teach you to speak English with this fucking knife!

 I'm forty-seven. Forty-seven years old. You know how I stayed alive this long? All these years? Fear. The spectacle of fearsome acts. Somebody steals from me, I cut off his hands. He offends me, I cut out his tongue. He rises against me, I cut off his head, stick it on a pike, raise it high up so all on the streets can see. That's what preserves the order of things. Fear.


No son, never. The blood stays on the blade. One day you'll understand.


It's a funny feeling being taken under the wing of a dragon. It's warmer than you'd think.


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