Best moments in Monster In Law,Monster In Law quotes

Best moments in Monster In Law,Monster In Law quotes,Monster-in-Law (2005)

Director: Robert Luketic,Stars: Jennifer Lopez, Michael Vartan, Jane Fonda 


I think you dislocated my vagina.

Monster In Law quotes
Oh good you're home, I'm exhausted.What'd you do today
Went to the post office. Ah.

Monster In Law quotes

You old slut.

Monster In Law quotes
I'll go get the vodka.

Monster In Law quotes

Oh my god! Viola, i'm so sorry i didn't mean to…
Get some backbone! You don't go and slap somebody then apoiogize.

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Ruby: I am sick. I am sick, sick, sick of your shit. And when I'm not sick, I'm tired. I am sick and tired!

Monster In Law quotes
Charlotte 'Charlie' Cantilini: What color are my eyes?
Dr. Kevin Fields: Well, at first glance your eyes are brown. But when the light hits them, they change to amber. And if you look really close around the iris, the color is pure honey. But when you look into the sun, they almost look green. That's my favorite.



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