Amazing 13 pictures about famous movie Mallrats quotes

Amazing 13 pictures about famous movie Mallrats quotes,Mallrats (1995)

Director: Kevin Smith,Stars: Shannen Doherty, Jeremy London, Jason Lee


Shithead here watched Empire and Jedi last week and ever since then, he's been trying to do the Jedi mind trick. The crazy fuck thinks he can levitate shit with his thoughts.

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-What? You fuckers think just 'cause a guy reads comics he can't start some shit!?

Mallrats quotes
Adventure. Excitement.
A Jedi craves not these things.

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By baby kitties.
Damn Silent Bob,show some heart.

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Wolverine! Snikty snikety snoin snikt snikt.

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Haven't I made it clear during the tenure of our friendship that I don't know shit?

Half the time I'm just talking out of my ass, or sticking my hand in it.

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I'm talkin' comics, and you bring up chicks and romance.

Mallrats quotes

He's an alien, for Christ sake. His Kyrptonian biological makeup is enhanced by Earth's yellow sun. If Lois gets a tan, the kid could kick right through her stomach. Only someone like Wonder Woman has a strong enough uterus to carry his kid. The only way he could bang regular chicks is with a Kryptonite condom, but that would kill him.

Mallrats quotes
Silent Bob, you're a rude motherfucker,you know that?
But you're cute as hell.

Mallrats quotes

What do you mean, 'and?' That's like a metaphor for our whole relationship.

Mallrats quotes

-Want to say something?
-About a million things…but I can't express myself monosyllabically enough for you to understand them all.

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned for Sega.

Mallrats quotes
say…would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?

Mallrats quotes


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