A collection of 6 picture Notting Hill quotes,Notting Hill (1999)

A collection of 6 picture Notting Hill quotes,Notting Hill (1999)

Director: Roger Michell,Stars: Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Richard McCabe


Excuse me, I think I'd better be where other people are not.

Notting Hill quotes

Anna Scott: After all… I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

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Anna Scott: Can I stay for a while?
William: You can stay forever.

Notting Hill quotes

Some people do spend their whole lives together.

Notting Hill quotes
It's as if I've taken love heroin, and now I can't ever have it again.

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It's a sort of thing that happens in dreams not in real life, I mean, good dreams,,It's a dream, in fact, to see you again.

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