1983 film The Outsiders quotes (gifs)

The Outsiders quotes,The Outsiders (1983),


Darrel Curtis: Listen, with your brains and grades, you could get a scholarship, and we could put you through college, ain't that right, Soda? But you're livin' in a vaccuum, Pony, and you're gonna have to cut it out. You just don't stop living because you lose somebody. I thought you knew that. And anytime you don't like the way I'm running things around here, you can just get out, ALL RIGHT?

The Outsiders quotes

Sodapop Curtis: to listen to you. But when you start trying to get me to take sides. We're all we got left now. If we don't have each other, then we ain't got nothing. And when you ain't got nothin, you end up like Dally… I don't mean dead either, I mean, I mean how he was before. So please…

The Outsiders quotes

Jerry Wood: You guys are three of the bravest kids I've seen in a long time. What are you guys? Professional heroes or somethin'?
Ponyboy: …We're Greasers.
Jerry Wood: Are- Are you kiddin' me?

The Outsiders quotes

Cherry: I hope I never see Dallas Winston again. If I do I'd… probably fall in love with him.

The Outsiders quotes

Johnny: [his last lines] Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.

Ponyboy: Nature's first green is gold, / Her hardest hue to hold. / Her early leaf's a flower, / But only so an hour. / Then leaf subsides to leaf, / So Eden sank to grief. / So dawn goes down to day, / Nothing gold can stay.


Steve: Hate to tell you this buddy, but you have to wear clothes to work. There's a law or something.


Ponyboy: When I stepped out,into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house,I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman,and a ride home.




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